Placebo Brian Molko french interview with TRANSLATION ! 2009

Many thanks to ‘rentedsoul’ who translated the entire dialogue!! There you go:

Reporter: You were born in Bruxelles? Is it true?
Brian: Yes, it’s true. How come you ask this so directly?
R: Because I always read you were born there.
B: Yes, yes, almost 37 years ago. But I don’t really remember it. We didn’t stay there for a very long time, so I don’t remember living In Belgium. So, when I return to Bruxelles, because I don’t have this recollection about living there, It’s not really a place with a big resonance for me.
B: I am not saying something bad about it, I am just saying that people often ask me if that place means something to me, but I don’t remember, not very much anyway.
R: In Belgium It’s a custom to say that when you descend in the South you have a great time, but when you go to Luxemburg, you get bored. That was good for you, because that’s the reason you started playing the guitar.
B: Yes, exactly. It’s true that in the 80’s it was very boring in Lux.
B: Stefan and i , our reaction was to lock ourselves in our rooms, listening to lots of music and learning to play instruments. This idea of escaping that boredom pushed us to have this determination of doing smth artistic with our lives. But we were separated. We were in the same country, going to the same school, but we weren’t friends. So our lives were quite similar and when we found each other in London by accident, Voila!
R: [says smth about the band being a second family]
B: Yes, it’s just like a second family, a surrogate family. The only difference is that you can choose this family. This is the big luxury and the big difference. I moved to London when i was 17 and I went to a University over there, to study dramatic arts which was my first passion, and only after finishing my studies I made the decision to make music.
B: But I think that our motivation was the fact that the idea of doing the same old routine threw us in such a depressive state that is was really important to us to make smth artistic with our lives.
R: Is it always that crazy excitement to be on stage?
B: yes, yes, me and stefan are 2 guys pretty shy and introverted, so we need a certain exhibitionism, but we need a context for it, and the stage is this context. It’s a very basic thing we feel very…uhm, it’s a simple, basic thing, it’s an immediate response, an immediate energy from the audience that fills you with a sort of euphoria and we hope that every time we go on stage, we’ll be able to create a common euphoria in the room.
B: this is what we try to do.
R: Is it true that as an adolescent, when you sat down the toilet, you used to imagine that you were giving interviews?
B: yes, it’s true. I have to say, it’s nothing personal, but the interviews are not my favorite thing. I haven’t talked too much about myself, but yes, it’s true. When I was bored, I… yes[cute smile].

[here is a part that I don’t quite understand]

R: next to you is a little Buddha. India is a place where you love to go to, isn’t it?
B: Yes, it’s an incredible country. I really like Asia in general, and, yes, before med, the last album, I spent some time there, like Beach Bum, and it’s really a cool place, a country of colors, of extremes. Let’s say that when you go to Japan, it’s like being allured to the planet Mars, and when you go to India, you’re being allured to the planet Mercury.
R: and Cambodia, you went there to play for preventing human traffic.
B: yes, in December 2008, we went to Siam Reap in Cambodia to play a small concert in front of a Buddhist temple from the XII century. All of it was for charity, to stop human traffic for prostitution, etc. It’s smth very close to our hearts. I think that human traffic is smth very shocking and without excuse in a so called “civilized, advanced, modern world. We try to show people what need to be avoided, so they don’t fall in the trap.
B: Because it’s mostly adolescents and adults from Asia and Eastern Europe who are in danger.
R: What do you enjoy doing these days, Brian Molko?
B: When I spend time with my son, it’s the best.
R: Thanks a lot.
B: Thank you.

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